Never Trade With Oanda If You Want To Trade Seriously

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by forestgril, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. After one month of trading with oanda, I am sure - do not trade with them.
  2. I've been trading with them for years. No real problems to complain about other than their connection going down once in a while.
  3. No problems here either , they don't play the usual games of bucketshops
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    Let me guess, you tried to trade the news this morning and you couldn't get your trades or the spreads widened, Right?
  5. I have been unable to blame Oanda for ANY bad results!!
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    Once in a while?? There are more blackouts with their platform than there are on a summer night in Baghdad.
  7. Frequent disconnects. When it re-loads, you always get a previous saved screen, so that's exciting! Sometimes it loads up an old screen with your order history (triangles/circles). That's a real heart-stopper first thing in the morning! Still, any mistakes have been my own.
  8. Perhaps, but you don't say why. What problems did you have? Post some examples or even better some screen shots otherwise people might think it's not the broker who was the reason for your losses.

    For the first time in a long time I traded right through NFP with Oanda, not one disconnection, all market orders filled, wtf :eek:
  9. I concur, today with Oanda was smooth as butta!
  10. Cable? Was everything allright bettween 14:00-15:00???

    I will admit - today I've practiced demo, and it disconnected every 10 seconds for more about half an hour, maikng it impossible to set or change any trade.

    About real trades - I have some screenshots prepared.
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