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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Overnight, Aug 23, 2021.

  1. Overnight


    @Baron Dude, I want you to know something. I've been on this forum for how many years? And I have clicked many places.

    But for the first time ever, I just clicked the following...


    I have never ever clicked that button before. Sometimes in navigating the site, I accidentally click "followed forums", but since I don't follow forums, I backtrack away from it on an accidental click.

    So just know, Surfer dude, that you still have unknown features on your site that not all have

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  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Wow. As long as you've been here, I would have thought you'd seen it all and clicked on it all long ago. :D
  3. Overnight


    I know, right? I am such a creature of habit. I just click certain tabs, over and over and over. But just shows to go...Keep trying to expand your experience. Like trading futures! Whoooop!
  4. Overnight



    This is how I have been navigating the site since I got here...


    I just click those two tabs, and clear out the bolded blue topics to get caught up.

    So now I have this new feature, which apparently is an old feature...


    Look at all the new bolded blue shit!

    Baron, why didn't you tell me about that button! Worst host ever! lol!
  5. Overnight


    Dude, it happened again! I was clicking my darn tabs, and I forgot about the damned "new posts" button with the little balloon thingy.

    The fuck dude, that is the most important button on this forum, and it is off in a corner?!?

    I have a song for that you know. The most important button lost in the forum.

  6. Overnight


    A week ago I got the unread pages from 24 to 20. Then to 18.

    They just keep coming!

    Dudes, if you do not get a handle on the "new posts" bit? Yer screwed man!
    worstbutton ever..JPG

    OMG! Worst hidden feature ever. Man.
  7. Overnight


    I am down to only 8 pages left! I may finally get caught up! @Baron That "new post" button is exhausting. Hate it!

    P.S. I think I found a bug with it, believe it or not. But am too spent to go into it at the moment. I have a SS of it though.

    only 8 pages left.JPG
  8. Overnight


    I am almost there. i think I have reached the end!

    worstbutton ever ending.JPG

    Look ma, no more pages left! This is it!
  9. Overnight


    Yay, it's over! I finally got all caught-up!

    worstbutton ever ending1.JPG

    Good grief that was exhausting!

    Baron, man, that feature is gah!

    Uh oh, found something else...

    new profile post.JPG

    No no, I kid, I will not pursue that one. I don't read those. But it is there. hehe. You sadist.