Never talk about the money you make with your friends

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  1. Three guys I thought were good and close friends do not talk to me anymore all we say now is hi and bye. It is weird we used to spend so much time together and talk everyday when my life was barely ok.

    Then 4 years ago I started trading in the market and and things turned out to be much much much better then expected.

    At first there was a common feeling of surprise for me and for them. Then after more and more success in addition to the feeling of surprise on their part there was also a feeling of annoyance, maybe even jelousy.

    I should have told them just what they wanted to hear.
  2. I could have told you that ...
  3. Get some new, less insecure, friends. Real friends dont revel in your failures nor get annoyed at your successes. Real friends support you in whatever you do (well except things like start using heroin or something) :D

  4. How different our friends are. Whenever I discuss my trading performance with my friends, they invite me to dinner and give me their old clothes.

  5. guyopl

    Why are you telling us all thisl.
    This is a statement about yourself, not about your friends.

  6. jhithers

    jhithers nailed it.

    The ego is a crazy thing.
  7. I am just sad and isolated, sorry if I posted here, to vent
  8. Pekelo


    If you want your friends back (although it is questionable why you would) just tell them you blew up and now you are doing telemarketing from home...

    They might even lend you money...

  9. The only difference between us is that I get NEW clothes..
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    dude, when you are involved in a "bromance", its important to share everything. including your successful trading strategerie.

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