Never Short Oil Over The Weekend

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  1. this is a little excessive, eagle.

    1) to me, bullish sentiment on the euro is not a justifiable reason to go short by itself. but if you enjoy the gamble, go ahead by all means. i mentioned long euro (short usd) as a good play just in case opec/etc. successfully pull demand away from the dollar as they possibly receive a higher percentage of payments in dollars. Furthermore, the euros movements lately likely had more to do with China diversifying reserve assets than any of this.

    2) natural gas is definitely falling down. its not going to 2000 levels, as the whole energy complex (and most all commodities) are buoyed to higher price levels for other reasons. but 5.00 gas may not be too far off, since storage levels are so high and there is little near term prospect of drawing them down to substantial enough levels. 2 only possible ways natural gas doesn't 'fall off the cliff': record cold from hereon out this winter, and support from oil [this iran situation may be it]

    3) your comments about Iran 'easily' neutralizing Iraq's issues just show your lack of true connection with the real issues at play. I suggest you read up a little on the interaction between different social groups within conflict in Iraq.

    by the way, care to post references to your 33 properties on the NJ tax site so we can verify BS from truth?
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  2. The strategies you have stated are going against the chart. Natural gas is in a sideways channel making higher highs and higher lows. You are telling me that its "falling off a cliff" when its obvious that there is a range that has been established. The EURO is also being traded through a range. Right now its at the top of that range.

    Your biting language at the end demonstrates your willingness to malign myself rather then discuss the issues at hand in an educated manner. You so conveniently left out all the technical observations I made in the charts and used anectdotal information to chastise my post. Then you added a one-liner at the end that was cleverly designed to piss me off.

    Did you think I was going to come back on here and divulge some personal information about myself that you could use in a scam? Oh yeah, Im going to hand you all of my information to include social security numbers, account numbers, etc. so I can prove something to you. My birthplace is Brooklyn, NY and the date was not yesterday. I will not bring disgrace down on Brooklyn by falling for your two-bit scams.

    If you want to question my credibility, then do it to my face and stop hiding behind the black ski-mask we call the internet. The deal is this. Meet me in New Jersey and I will take you around to the various properties. We'll be accompanied by a police officer that I hire on occasion to collect rent and your personal information will be recorded for security reasons in the event you try to scam me later on.

    I will expect a written apology for your conduct after that. If I dont get it, then you will receive a "Summons and Complaint" from my attorney. Then I will drag you through the mud in the Superior Court on some trumped civil charge until I receive such apology.

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    Excuse me, but you sound like you have serious personal problems. It's Christmas and you post how you will take revenge on message board posters?

    You should seek professional help.
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  4. The Superior Court cares about (insert expletive noun here) calling each other names on internet forums now? Thank god I am not an American tax payer.
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    I seldom read beyond the 2nd paragraph in any posts.
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  6. god... I'm going to try to keep this succinct as possible, just because you aren't.

    1) My property info request was a response to a claim you voluntarily made on how well you've done. I say back it up. Nothing libelous. Nor do I care to have your personal information on hand. Look at this; I owned this house a few years back. And I'm not afraid to post the prop tax record:

    Nothing too much revealed here. now if you wanted to do the homework, you could track me down with or without this. so i was only asking the same.

    2) My website is on every post I make - I'm not hiding behind a black ski mask. If I met you in person, I'd ask the same.
    3) Here's your apology: I'm sorry for hurting your feelings on xmas.

    Now to trading:

    1) My belief: Fundamentals drive everything. Charts only tell the past. Especially in natural gas. Its interesting how the more unpredictable the chart, the more esoteric (ie elliot wave/fibonacci) methods are used to explain and predict behavior - just testimony to how much BS is out there. Thats why I don't necessarily always bow down to a chart. Charts work best when price valuations and fundamentals are out of wack, however, since traders have nothing else to adhere to. So use both in good health and you'll make real money.
    2) Your posted charts of the total market vipers reveal very little - in fact, you could've made a better argument posting the nasdaq. Regardless, the vipers did not cross any long moving averages. Furthermore, even with the nasdaq, we are still in the zone of an 'upward moving channel', to borrow from you.
    3) Furthermore, look at Feb gas - we were almost to $9.50 a few weeks back. Now we are $6.80, going downhill. I am making my argument from fundamentals, which I know. Thats a 30% drop. That would be like the nasdaq going from 2500 to 1750 in 3 weeks, albeit not a great example because volatility is par for the course in NG.

    i ask just two things: shorten your messages and please don't take this too seriously. I enjoy reading some of your posts because they are a form of entertainment in an otherwise boring nontrading day. hehhe...

    biting language... god.. by the way I think these OCD-edged posts of eagle488 does enough personality defamation for himself, to the point where eagle488 doesn't need to worry about a 'biting' comment from others. I think eagle488 has been watching a little too much Trump versus Rosie on TV, thinking he's trump. Just because you live in NJ doesn't mean you're Trump.
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  7. by the way, all of this has made me reflect: perhaps I am focusing a little too much on anything eagle488 posts...

    they're just such ... i'll bite my tongue.

    its like finding someone who can make bad trades 100% of the time, and always taking the other side -- but just with regards to online messaging.

    perhaps it points to the fact I need to find some more worthwhile ways to spend my time than to do this.. i'll concede that.
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  8. Every message board has its all knowing trolls, ET has eagle488
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  9. sit back and enjoy, right?

    be careful though; he might sue you for libel.
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    well, besides for all that, i respect that eagle488 has the balls to lay out something concrete that he believes is going down. you don't see too much of that around here.
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