Never Short a Dull Market?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BCE, Jun 26, 2006.

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    Boring day. :) And dull, dull, dull. :) Is this one of those "Never short a dull market" days? Or maybe it's a "take the afternoon off" day. :D Made my little chump change trades this AM. :) Tempted to short the little bugger anyway. Of course as soon as I do they'll off Bin Laden. :D
  2. NEVER SHORT unless it is REALLY OBVIOUS like in the case of 2000 when everyhting was overvalued and had a PE of 200+ or no profit.

    Shorting the market now is suicidal. In 2000-2001 you could have made alot of moeny.
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    But the market was far from "dull" in 2000 and 2001. Now 2002 was another story. Ha :D Hardest year to trade I can remember. Market's trying to rally here but no volume. I may try a short in a minute. :)
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    It's like watching paint dry the past week or so. The one thing I find odd is the M&A activity. Isn't that a little unusual with the Fed hiking and slow summer months?
  5. Phony rally, look at the volume.
  6. The volumje almost never changes 2 billion

  7. Sorry I am refering to the futures volume
  8. :)
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    That is odd M&A, , with rising rates & unusual that a newspaper would buy back its shares when it seems no one else wants them.

    That may be a helpful thing , that some would actually believe ''never short a dull market'':D Intraday oil-gas stock uptrends got dull earlier this year, so it paid to short intraday those dull market uptrends earlier this year.

    However never swingtrade-short[overnite] a dull oil & gas sector could be a profitable rule. And even if that sector does downtrend eventually, it still could pay to look elsewhere for better downtrends.
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    We'll tryied shorting YM in the last few minutes looking for a minipullback EOD. Naturally it didn't. :D Should have read my own thread title. LOL :D But it did pullback just now and I covered for a $10 loss. :) Guess I'll have to skip dinner. :) Should have taken my own advice and went long. But you know us contrarian traders. :) Wasn't sure how the GM news of more people accepting buyouts and early retirements would affect it.
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