Never Pay Cash for Anything

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  1. I'm watching a cnbc special on customer service, and these poor guys who are trying to get things they paid cash for repaired are really getting screwed.

    The only way you will ever get decent customer service is to owe somebody money.

    Then when the computer asks you what you want to do you just keep saying "CANCEL" until a real live American answers the phone and usually gives you six more months for free.
  2. Sometimes when I get the feeling that I'm about to be screwed I pay with American Express. Amex doesn't f around.

    Even when I bought a non refundable airline ticket (which I didn't use) I called americna express and complained. This delayed the payment for a couple months. Just to piss them off.
  3. Buy through a store that wants repeat business...

    You could actually burn in all electronics purchases for a week or two to provoke the infant mortality of components.. get a temperature chamber, set it to the upper limit of the device's spec and power the device on, let it bake there for a week or two.. if it still is working then after that it probably will be good for a long time...
  4. couldn't I just put in the oven at say 350 degrees for an hour? ok, so now the laptop doesn't work any more, but at least dinner is ready.
  5. The credit card industry has it in its best interest to point out the ills of paying with cash or check. They make money on both sides from the customer and the merchant. They are notorious for scamming both parties and can not be trusted. Cash can be used as a leveraging tool in a transaction. If I was not getting so screw by merchant rates I would still have a machine in the store. Cash is a good methods for transaction if both parties are honest.
    The card industry would love it if the whole system was changed over to plastic. The issue is the system does not have the security it professes and can be hacked at anytime. Atleast with cash you need to take it from my hand so I have a chance to have Mr. Mossberg or Mr. Beretta speak to you about giving it back.

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    They make money from both sides?? Funny, I don't ever remember paying American Express one cent - I do remember them paying me over $1000 per year in cash rewards.

    Oh, just read the rest of your post and see that you are a disgruntled former merchant account sad. I agree with OP, always pay by credit card, its an interest free loan, you get rewards and you get credit card protections guaranteed by law... honestly there is no good reason for 99% of transactions to ever pay by cash/check unless you lack the willpower to control your spending.
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    "Never Pay Cash for Anything"

    Never pay your restaurant bill with a credit card if the server takes it behind the counter to swipe (and swipe). Only pay in cash and always ask for change.
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    Have you ever had your credit card number stolen?

    I have, its not a big deal. You tell the credit card company you didn't make the purchase/authorize the charge. They take it off your bill. They send you a new card. Life goes on.

    If you want to deal with keeping cash on you and with change that's fine, I'll keep using my credit card for everything I can (and get paid at least 1.25% on every transaction).
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    You might not, but AKU was right, most people do. Your statistical sample of 1 is clearly endearing... :)
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    Most people are idiots - I was hoping that the crowd on ET was a bit more financially savvy, maybe you are right.
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