Never Lose Secrets: Yours, Mine, and What To Do With Them

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  1. I have a method to trade stocks/efts in which I am guaranteed to always to never do worst than my cost basis (not including commissions and bid-ask spreads). I cannot tell what it is as it may have monetary value beyond what can be shared in a forum.

    Does others have similar secrets? What do you do with them other than using them to swell your trading account?

    BTW, this secret is not buying zero-coupon bonds and investing the rest in risky assets, or buying stocks and shorting futures.

    Imagine this: if you are right on your direction you make money. If you are wrong you lose not a dime other than commissions and bid-ask spreads. That is what my secret does for me. I have been thinking most experts know it until I saw trading diaries that indicate they may not know this or at least they may not be applying it.
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    I know that method. Should I spill the beans?
  3. Go for it. :D

  4. Are you trading odd lots with the specialist? :(
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    you must have a good hiding place.:D

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    i use your secret all the time. ITS CALLED SPREADS.

  7. Doli: pls spill it or PM me.
    The other colleagues: I never traded odd lots. I do not hide. As for the folk with the spreads idea, don't you lose if the stock does not meet the spread expectations?
  8. This gave me a good Laugh. Thank you Sir.
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    Answer: Others does not. :D
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    Do anyone here speak jive?
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