Never let a crisis go to waste

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  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    "The first lady's decision to attend the funeral comes as the president is making a public push for Congress to act on his proposals to curb gun violence."

    Yeah, and where the girl was shot there are the toughest gun laws in the country. How'd that work out for her?

  2. Or, it could be that she performed at the Inauguration, and it happened in Chicago.
  3. You are right about that, gun laws will not help till the gun runners themselves are shut down.

    Try as I may, I have found no news articles intimating the breaking in of an armory, and the stealing of guns.
  4. It will be a media circus. Will they point out that the kid was killed by gang violence? Will they point out that Chicago and the state of IL. have very strict gun laws? No, they'll just zoom in on the weeping mother and the First Lady giving her a hug. And the real tragedy will be that another innocent young teen will be gunned down in the streets of Chicago before Ms. Obama is back in D.C.
  5. Maybe some good will come out of this. The Mayor will have to take notice that "someone" cares about a black child getting shot in Chicago.

    Of course all this is going to backfire on Michelle and the admistration if comments are made about gang violence and street shooting. Everyone will be looking for Obama to "do something" and maybe he will but when nothing works or the effort is half hearted, Obama will look like an ineffective fool who doesn't care "enough".

    You go girl..
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    Will she be quite and respectful by just attending and then returning home as a normal respectful person would? Or will she then make a speech or statement about it? If she does the latter it would show that she just attended so she could make a political statement and use the poor girl's death for an agenda.
  7. Yeah , but nobody of consequence.
    It's just a vapid PR stunt.
    (btw they don't care)

    It's a shame for those stuck in the liberal shithole, but I can't say I care to stop it without addressing the "REAL CAUSE" either.

    If innocent people need to pay with their lives for liberal douchbagginess well that's better than sweeping it under the carpet.

    I say let'em get what they've voted for good n' hard .

    Bring on the bodybags :D :D :D
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    LOL those gun runners the same guys employed by the CIA to give drugs to inner city Negroes just to "keep the black man down"?