Never insult a muslim

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  1. just dont do it.

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    Or, insult Mohammed just to have the opportunity to shoot the bastards who attack you.
  3. Never insult a muslim

    I did, wayyy back in the day.

    Here's how it went down.

    Me insult muslim.

    Muslim punches me right in the forhead, I fell of stool.

    My friend ran out the fucking door before I got off the floor.

    (Note to self: need a better friend)

    I leave quitely and go get re enforcements.

    I come back with my army and everyone is yelling making a scene in public place.

    Muslim vs nutmeg army

    Cops weere called.

    I tell them, to tell the cops where to find me and leave.

    I puke in parking lot.

    stay tuned......
  4. In my kung-fu classes we have 1 specific rule "no muslims".
    We don't train the enemy.
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    Which one? With two billion Muslims on the planet there must be nearly a billion Mohammed's.
  6. pspr


    The first one.
  7. (forgot about this one...lmao)

    So did I tell you about the time I insulted the muslim defensive lineman on our school football team? ( I kinda of got ganged up on for that one, ya know --- hit just right) I ended up getting my writst broken, sort fo wiped me out for that season.

    ---- :cool:
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    Lol. +1.