"Never have so many been so wrong about so much..."

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  1. -D Rumsfeld

    Apparently present company is not excluded, eh Donny??. :D (You tax-spending moron).


    "Hi Saddam! I love you!! Please protect us from the Iranians!!" (Paraphrased).
  2. well i can only say this and it's a lot:) AMERICAN INTERESTS CHANGE.
  3. Ah bung, it must be so nice to live in a world so clearly black and white as yours. :(
  4. Babak



    Chirac's interests didn't change. Nor did his personal friendship with Saddam. I'll have to give him that. He holds tightly to his dictator friends (Mugabe was recently give a royal welcome) while the US sometimes puts up with dictators to get something they need for the time being.
  5. history shows again and again that meddling with foreign affairs ends up being a disaster. just ask the british...

    let's see how much the reagan disciples' meddling in afghanistan and iraq have cost the taxpayers:

    The Bill--

    One World Trade Center (don't know the figure -- someone please chime in)
    One War With Iraq In 1991 - again, I don't have the figure
    One War With Iraq in 2003 ~80billion
    Reconstruction Of Iraq ~30billion (estimated)
    One Half-Assed War With Afghanistan (again, someone please help me out with the figure)

    Of course there's all the investors who got creamed after 9/11 by selling "to limit their losses"

    And there are the insurance companies and I-Banks who got crucified by 9/11

    And let's not forget that it doesn't stop with Iraq, and let's not forget that 10,000 new OBL's now exist from the war with Iraq...

    Let't not forget that being a terrorist is like being a trader. All you need is one little inefficiency to exploit, and you can make it big. Take 9/11 -- we all knew damn well that airline security was a total joke, and that a handful of 7th graders could've accomplished 9/11. But if it wasn't airline security, they'd find something else to attack. By creating 10,000 more OBL's with this assinine Iraq war, we've just spawned 10,000 more pikers who will stay awake all night dreaming of ways to screw the US...

    So now we get to pay for Syria, N Korea..............I really hope the Bush family has some deep pockets to pay for all this shit, because their shitty 1987 economy sure can't...

    Oh yeah, and let's not forget that the inflation that this moronic tax cut will inspire...get ready to watch your savings get devalued...maybe we should all become farmers instead of investors...

    I just wish that Dubya would stay the f^ck out of the economy and out of the middle east...everything he touches turns to shit overnight..."oh yeah, the Iraqis are gonna love us and our democracy...they'll definitely want a democratic government, because that's what their culture is all about -- democracy..."
  6. Yeah, I can see it now:

    US withdraws from Iraq and stops "meddling" in the middle east as bung and Co. (Alfonso, et al) wish.

    --OBL stops hating us.

    --Palestinians stop hating us.

    --Wahabists (sp?) stop hating us.

    --Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed psychos stop hating us.

    --US is now "safe" and need not bother worrying about further attacks.

    --UN Security Council stands in a circle holding hands and sings "Kumbayah."

    Sounds good to me. Where do I sign up?
  7. heh ..

    no matter what...

    it's always about the 'bling-bling and chromed out wheels'.

    isn't it :-/
  8. you waste so much time trying to preach , but nobody's listening.

    Want to know why? People don't appreciate those who spin the truth and facts.

    I'll help you out with that cost analysis:

    1 less ruthless dictator in the world to threaten middle east stability & give money to suicide bombers = $1 billion (minimum) in future savings.

    $1 billion in future savings, now how much were your expenses?

    Now subtract them, if you can do math.
  9. Yeah, insurance companies got creamed.

    Is that why XL and RE etc etc are HIGHER today???

    Now your wasting MY time!

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