never get tired if this flash crash video.

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    LOL! What? I only see 570 why isint it updating?


    fucking hilarious.

    I remember watching my short put positions that day inflate to insane proportions. Of course I held over and eventually they expired.
  2. I'd like my 3:17 back.
  3. I happened to drive over to a buddy's office to trade that day, so we could collaborate a little on all of the options positions we had on.

    When that was happening, our quotes were about a minute behind, and I will never forget my blotter telling me I was down over 2 million. And then it would flash positive 1.5 mil.

    I think I actually shit myself a little when I saw so much red, but when it flashed green, I realized what was going on.

    I didn't trade through that, but ended up on the day a little because of the positions I had on. My buddy made about 11k averaging in and out of the SPY, but his quotes were so bad in the heat of it I had to call out prices to him. When I was calling out 109, 108, 106, all he could keep saying is "I am so fucked, I am so fucked." Another friend of ours had good quotes and was able to catch apple near the low and did great.

    Good times. Welcome to the NFL.
  4. i tried to buy some options @ the bottom but ofc there WAS NO MARKET FOR OPTIONS AS ALL THE MACHINES WERE TURNED OFF(a la 1987, except it was phones back then).....had to settle for futures scalps...good times:cool:
  5. LOL "alright, ALRIGHT WE'RE IN BEAR MARKET!!!!"
  6. I don't know if they were turned off (maybe they were) but later, people said they saw options quotes at .01 x 20,000. Yep, you want 1 contract? Fork over 2 million.
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  8. :D i don't know what is going on but the things look good.
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    This guy is so passionate about trading. I like him. Being like that makes trading have more fun!
    ps: I am not a gay.
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    Why didn't you buy ES or etf's!? :p
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