Never-Ending Recession:Have Americans lost all hope for the future?

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  1. 41% of People Say American Dream Is Lost; 63% Say Economy Getting Worse::pOLL

    A new survey by Yahoo! Finance shows Americans have a disturbing lack of hope and a frightening lack of retirement planning.
    Among the highlights of the poll:

    -- 41% of Americans say the 'American Dream' has been lost.
    -- 37% of adults have NO retirement savings and 38% plan to live off Social Security.
    -- 63% of Americans believe the economy is getting worse, including 72% of those over the age of 55.

    Despite macro data showing the economy has technically recovered from the 'Great Recession', the majority of Americans just aren't feeling it. Considering 49 million Americans are living in poverty, the "real" unemployment rate is 16% and millions of Americans are facing foreclosure, it's no wonder many believe the recession never ended.
  2. No problemo. One of the Fed hacks just mentioned that ZIRP will last longer than the already telegraphed mid-2013. Must be a bright future we can all look forward to.
  3. 1) If you were to poll super-wealthy people, the numbers would be very different. :eek:
    2) Is it a "buy signal"? Not until the super-wealthy get bearish. :cool:
  4. Capitalism is NOT zero sum.
    Globalization is zero sum.
  5. How about you guys stop depending on our oil?
  6. Our government likes at least 50% of its people dependent and stupid... easier to control them.

    That way, the stupid and ne'er do wells (parasite class) will keep voting for "more government", and the producers will effectively have no vote. Clever, don't you think?
  7. Would LOVE to. We apparently have 100+ years supply of natural gas... we should be developing it as a transportation fuel so that we can tell OPEC to "go pound sand"... but noooooo... gotta protect big business and politically favored interests.

    :mad: :mad:
  8. Crispy


    Why would we burn our gas now when we can buy oil cheap from the arabs?

    Lets deplete that source first.
  9. What's cheap about $100/bbl? AND.. we really can't afford to keep sending so much money overseas... especially when we know some/much of it gets directed to people who hate us.
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