Never-ending Dell Monitor Sale continues

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by winter, Oct 26, 2005.


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    Just ordered 5 more.

    If you're getting the 20.1", you've gotta get them 1 at a time to get the extra $60 off.

    Thanks Winter!
  3. I'm very satisfied with the DELL 24" LCD. I'd like to know if anyone has several of these hooked up on a multi-monitor stand and if the edges sit plum tight? Thanks.
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    Sam's Club has the Samsung 19inch LCD dvi for 350 and the 20.1 inch DVI for 500.

    I think it is a better monitor esp if you use multimedia on the comp. I may just buy another Dell monitor since they cost less with the discounts.

  6. I Have 4 of them on a multi monitor stand and they are very close, though I believe you could make them tight if you wanted. My upper ones are tilted down just slightly. I had to have the stand custom built though, google moview quad, and you can call the company directly to have them customize a stand for you. One warning, 4 of these puppies are pretty heavy, I had to use 3/8" threaded insert to reinforce the metal shelves, under the stand.
  7. I have the Moview Quad and i like it..

  8. That was a smoking deal, I got the 1905fp though dell home office for $304 today. It was 339 + a 25 dollar coupon. My coupon code wasn't recognized, so I called and the guy $35 off for my inconvenience.
  9. Any current coupon codes for the dell 24" flat panel?