Never ask why in the market, just trade.

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  1. Words of advice.
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  3. Agreed, god forbid one makes money knowing the reasons "why", which means less money for the rest of us. :)
  4. You must be joking right....arent you the same guy who started multiple threads about how the market, in the face of all these compelling reasons to go down, keeps going up? I think you need to heed your own words of advice here.

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  6. I was long all day because the market told me to do so. The why came towards the end of the day is a purely theoretical macro discussion.
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    you know, never caring or understanding the reason why the market is moving in a certain direction is foolish. When you have a reason to get into a trade and you konw the market will react in a certain direction (ie. world news, economic events) you are at a significant advantage to the rest of the market if you realize this and act on also gives you a lot of conviction about your trades and therefore you can take some real size. Simply following the "wave" is a childish, basic, narrow minded way of trading that in the end will prevent you from making any real money.
  8. I agree. I just took the other side over the overbloom fear ridden doomsday scenario.
  9. Ask why, why why just means you are uncertain/fearful.
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