Never a losing trading day...

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  1. Got an email from Plumpicker - sounds like total BS. Anyone ever heard of him?
    Who knows, but highly suspect.
    Does anyone actually think you can have 250+ straight winning days?
    Can anyone here say that they have? If so, do you have a bridge for sale?

    Happy New Year!

    Just thought I'd touch base ... we finished 2006 without one single losing day ... some were breakeven, but NO days ended with a loss when following the written rules! ... Amazing! ... You can still order ($495 usd offer) ... just phone me with your card info anytime after 9.00 a.m. ET xxx-xxx-xxxx... and I'll email the material out to you right away,

    or you can send me your info via email ... (sending it in two emails works fine to )
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    They are just selling you a gimmick.
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    there is perhaps no endevor, so full of fraudsters, as this one

    never forget it

    and keep your credit card in your wallet, where it belongs
  4. the low and sell the high.
  5. The most I've been able to achieve is 80 winning days in a row. Not to say 250 can't be done but that's a full year of trading with no losses. Hats off to him if so.

  6. It can be done. A trader I know tells of a guy at his old firm who had three years without a losing day; he ended up quitting the business, because he was never able to get any pleasure out of his trading, since his focus was always on maintaining his arbitrary streak; if he was down in the morning, he had to trade his ass off to get positive no matter what and made less than he was capable of, skill wise, because taking on all the risk required to maximize his net required him to risk having a down day.

    Whoever's advertising that service is lying, but it is "possible"... anything is possible in this game.
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    my record is 134 trading days without a losing day. those days are over now that my size is bigger though.
  8. It's possible - sure...Weinstein in Market Wizards attests to it.
    But come on!
    Would you pitch people for $495 some bloody product like that when you could be a billionaire without them.
    Newsletter guru shammers..
  9. Actually everyone can have a trading account never losing a single day every year for many many years. That's not hard. :D
  10. Mr. Market is the man!!!! His ability to analyze the stock universe and come up with picks beyond what is most commonly published in IBD is truly astounding!!!
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