Nevada Residents - Who is your tax preparer?

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by DGunz, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. DGunz


    I am new to Nevada, and I am looking for a tax preparer and do not want to go to the usual recommended suggestions from non-trader friends.

    Looking for some recommendations from fellow residents on a brick and mortar place, that is solid for traders. So any suggestions from the community is much appreciated.
  2. This is so scarey....

    The internet provides a place for anonymous posters to provide answers to serious questions...

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    Posters that have evolved and grown so comfortable with getting advice from Anonymous characters on an internet forum

    This is a life of illusion and some do not know how to live life without it...Garbage in-Garbage out


    P.S. What did Shakespeare say about the stage?...and all that...

    P.P.S. for you internet folks here is the wikopedia

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  3. DGunz


    I would do my own due diligence, of course. Suggestions and recommendations are exactly what they are.
  4. You are at the mercy of the person that is doing the audit...he or she or it is only human and has a job to do...


  5. DGunz


    Thanks for the advice. I did my own research into a few places and I found that for such a serious and important issue, the tax consultants I found through, listings and suggestions, admittedly did not have experience preparing trader taxes, therefore being the careful person I am, did not opt to go with the inexperienced.

    Perhaps I should rephrase my question: Does there exist a list of brick and mortar tax preparation firms in Nevada, specializing in trader taxes, from which I can do my own research and decided. That would be much appreciated. My own search were fruitless, I did try.
  6. There is a firm...GreenT....something or other...

    google this...the trees may yield fruit...


    P.S. oops scuse me' is not a Nevade Brick & Mortar

  7. drcha


    Why do you think a qualified, experienced accountant cannot figure this stuff out? I do not think it is rocket science, just tedious and time consuming.