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  1. Anybody use this system or any of ward systems products
    Any thoughts on the claims to make 2000%+ with emini system?
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    Neuroshell isn't a "system" - it shouldn't have any claims of making any % return.

    It is software that you use to develop your own system. A toolbox of sorts.
  3. I see re-reading what they are saying, why bother presenting it this way with these returns on their website.
    how does it compare to metastock and other software?
    what is this award for artificial intilligence software from technical analysis of stocks and commodities magazine mean? What is artificial intelligence?
  4. Artifcial intelligence in the context of Neuroshell is: "neural networks".

    These nets are used to predict market direction for example based on historical data it has been trained on. This is the "intelligence" bit.

    The historical data you train it with can be anything you think is relevant e.g. price, volume, leading indicators etc.

    It's basically pattern recognition i.e. looking for patterns in the data you provided it in order to spot those patterns again in future data in order to generate relevant buy/sell signals.

    The nets are black box. They can't tell you why they came to a decision they did, although there are theoretical ways of extracting the heuristics from the nets after they have been trained...but I digress.

    I believe Neuroshell allows you to build strategies and trading systems without the use of any nets if you so desire. In which case it is more akin to Tradestation, Neoticker etc.

    There are other trading system development platforms that support neural nets too and you can build your own etc.

    Using neural nets is not a panacea or magic solution so don't be too in awe of that feature. YMMV and it is highly dependent on how and what you train the net with i.e. garbage in/garbage out.

    Haven't tried Neuroshell personally but I believe it is mainly point and click. Have no idea what kinds of nets they use and how they are optimized (the hard part)


  5. nice post, thanks
  6. any software you find useful in developing these nets?
    do you know where I can read up on developing these?
  7. It depends on what level you are at. If you have system development skills there are various neural net software toolkits around e.g. if you have Java skills:

    The neural net software is only one part of the puzzle. The other parts are: 1) data to train, validate and run the net on, 2) ability to take the output of the net and route an order. Depending on the timeframe you are looking to trade you might be able to run a system where manual order entry is acceptable.

    Putting together an entire automated trading system that runs on a neural net can be easy or very complicated or somewhere in between depending on your reliability, latency, efficiency, redundancy requirements for the system etc.

    This is where Neuroshell and others already have the framework in place so you can just concentrate on building the strategy and plug in to data and execution vendors from their supported list. As I said before, I believe Neuroshell is point and click for building nets so this might be the way to go intially.

    As for reading up on neural nets, suggest you have a look at etc. to find a book fits with your level. There's obviously plenty of information via your favorite search engine too!

    There's also a wealth of information in the Automated Trading forums here on ET.

    Good luck.


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    Only 2000%+?

    Peanuts. Not interested. If they found someone that made 100000%++++++, then I would start to get impressed.

    Those are my thoughts.

  9. Do an ET search on Neuroshell.
  10. Don't flame Neuroshell as if they were trying to sell an automatic money printing system. I found this in their FAQ, they seem very down to earth and downright honest:

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