NeuroShell Professional Daytrader Questions...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DGBrothers, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone out there use Ward Systems Neuroshell Daytrader Professional? I'm considering purchasing it, but I have a few niggling questions I want answered first...

    1.) What type of neural net does it use? (Kohonen, feed-forward, back-propagation, self-organizing map, etc). Can I pick which type of neural net it uses?
    2.) Is the neural net user-configurable, ie. can I add or subtract neurons in both visible and hidden layers as I see fit?
    3.) How does it overcome the problem of local minima? Does it use some form of artificial annealing or multi-marble approach? Is there any way to determine if the neural net has/has not reached the global minima?
    4.) What are the training times like? Does it take a long time to train? Are there problems sometimes in which it will not train? How is this overcome?
    5.) What type of input pre-processing is required? (data smoothing, gap adjustment, etc.)
    6.) What is the maximum/minimum number of inputs the neural net will allow?
    7.) Is the software stable? What operating system is best for running it? (Win98, WinXP, Linux, ?)
    8.) How does the interface with TradeStation work? Will it work equally as well with TradeStation 2000i and TradeStation 6? Does it use DDE or some other form of inter-program communication?
    9.) Does it use any form of pruning, and if so, what type?
    10.) Is developing trading strategies in Neuroshell as easy as it is with EasyLanguage? Can I use EasyLanguage Functions/Signals/Indicators/Paintbars/Probability Maps/ShowMe's in Neuroshell? Will Neuroshell output EasyLanguage code for use in TradeStation strategies?

    That's about it, I guess. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Please copy your reply to my email address, as I don't get 'round this way often. Thanks.
  2. One more quick question...
    11.) Can the neural net be used with a real-time data feed to make predictions of future market movements?

  3. Ok, just one more quick question...
    12.) Does the neural net require manual training, or is self-training?

    Thanks again,
  4. There is a function in NST to use data from TradeStation called (in TS) "NSTrdExport". It is supposed to be used to trasfer, for example, an indicator you use in Omega TS to Neuroshell Trader. In help file the whole process looked simple and clear but really I could not succeed whatever I tried. An error occurs and TS crashes... And as I know it is a common problem among other users. Could anyone help me understand what to do?