Neuroshell DayTrader Prof v5.7 plus addon

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  1. gianno


    I read your description on ebay and I might be interested but I wonder how can your copy be legal? Usually, license transfers are illegal.
  2. gianno,
    Thanks for your reply. I emailed Neuroshell support about the possibility of selling the software and the ramifications for the new buyer. Outlined in my Ebay ad are exactly what was in their response. Whether "license transfer" is applicable or not was not mentioned in their response. I have a legal copy that I purchased from Neuroshell. My assumption is that if you purchase the software from me that I give you the username and password to go with the software. The only thing that Neuroshell asked me to do was to give the name, physical address, phone number, and email address of the new buyer. If they decide to issue you a new username and password then that is fine.

    Please understand I am just relaying what I am getting from Neuroshell to be helpful in this process. If you have questions or concerns, let me know I will contact Neuroshell further. Or if you want to be sure about this process, feel free to contact Neurshell support and tell them you are a potential buyer from a current user and you have some questions.

    Thanks again for your reply.