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  1. Hey,

    I have a copy of Neuroshell day trader I am selling. No, I am not selling because it was worthless. I am selling it because I no longer need it. After finishing grad school, I took the time to learn python and it just works better for me and my workflow.

    Just to give my experience with Neuroshell. I used it exclusively for nearly 2 years. I found that the learning curve was a little steep (4 months of consistent use) to get the hang of it. Most of the ideas and things I tried were trash, however it did save me time looking at strategies that were not going to work. I did eventually develop 2 strategies (1 long and 1 short for the ES), and had it connect to my IB account.

    Its not a magic bullet by any means, but for those who either have successful strategies and would like to automate them through IB, OR for those looking to be able to take an idea and backtest it quickly this could be a great tool to have. There is a reason why it has been named the number 1 AI trading software from S&C magazine for the last 19 years.

    If you have any questions about my experience or are interested. PM me
  2. Lol, being named by S&C magazine is not a particularly high hurdle to pass. Are they still around? The last time I came across them was 15 or even more years ago.

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    Dude, post a price or delete this thread. Neuroshell, lol.
  4. Delete I vote. Just mentioning such app is a complete reputation killer. lol. Glad the user created a new account for this endeavor.

  5. Yeah, you are right made a new account over 4 years ago for this exact moment. Says the guy who created his account back in November. You can go argue in the politics section some more. Thanks
  6. I am open to any price. I don't use it anymore. So you tell me.
  7. pay me and I take it off your hands.

    Edit: Fair point regarding your account. The app still makes any owner a tool. The snake oil of this app should have been blatantly obvious, especially at its price point.

  8. Have you ever used it? More than likely you have not. What's interesting is the two strategies that I created (while in school) with the software were talking points at a couple of my interviews (and yes I currently work as an algo trader at a large firm in Chicago). We obviously have our own proprietary environment to do our testing and development, hence why I have no use for it, nor do I trade my own accounts actively.

    It is expensive and I wouldn't pay 3000 for a piece of software either, but to say its snake oil and can't be useful to someone is a bit arrogant.
  9. I don't think it's arrogant. It's smart thinking and a healthy dose of scepticism. I traded at several large investment banks and hedge funds over the past 20 years from exotic rates derivatives, to correlation products to equity derivatives, and developed and tested thousands of algorithmic strategies of various holding periods. With a bit of research you could have found out that even 10 years ago you could have written Monte Carlo simulators with discretizations of your choice or used various ML libraries to achieve more customization and solve more problems for free than with this piece of junk. What this crap offers can be seen by everyone on its web page. Same algo development with technical indicators as every other platform, then throw in a few neuro network buzzwords (nothing in detail explained) and of course a genetic parameter optimizer. All else is just add-on bs. This app is a laughable joke especially in today's world. I can set you up with a 100 times more capable development and testing platform for neural networks all completely free. Pytorch and tensorflow offer it all open source.

    How is that for a little context to explain that one does not have to have tried everything in order to qualify to judge it. Or do you poke needles into your veins to try what all this talk about heroin is about?

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    I'll give you $200 if it's the intraday version and license is transferrable.
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