NeuroShell Day Trader Professional version 5 license + 5 add-ons

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    I have a version 5 license for the NeuroShell Day Trader Professional software, along with 5 add-ons. Currently, the Day Trader Pro is at version 6, but it costs only $390 to upgrade from version 5 to 6. The total current value of this package is $3,651, and the breakdown is as follows:

    Day Trader Professional version 5: $2,105 ($2,495 for version 6 minus the $390 upgrade price to go from v5 to v6).

    Fuzzy Pattern Recognizer add-on: $299

    Cluster Indicators add-on: $299

    Adaptive Net Indicators add-on: $299

    Turning Points add-on: $299

    Noxa Casual Single Spectrum Analysis (CSSA) add-on: $350

    Ward Systems does allow for the selling and transfer of the license, but unfortunately, they will not allow transfer of the support for the license. I won't get into that on here, but there is an excellent support forum online, and I myself only ever used the support phone number twice in all the years that I've had the software. Because of this, I'm discounting everything 20% right away, except the Noxa CSSA add-on, since Noxa does allow transfer of the support and lifetime upgrades for their product. The 20% discount was arrived at based on numerous websites that I found stating that support is generally 18% to 22% of the cost of software.

    So...this leaves a starting value of around $2,990 for all items describe above. All reasonable offers will be considered. Thanks!
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    Can you post the portion of the license agreement where it says that transfers are allowed?

    Anyway, this company does not offer a demo but only a 30-day money back guarantee, which probably does not apply to transfer of license, right?
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    I verified over the phone while talking to Ward Systems that the license is indeed transferable, and they requested simply that I give them the information for the new owner. This would be easy to verify with Ward via a phone call, or I can have them verify it via an email to them. I'm sure it would be possible to do a 3-way call with them, or you could probably call them yourself and I could give you my name and info and they could verify the license that I have, and that it is transferable.
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    Yeah, there wouldn't be a way for them to do a money back guarantee since I would be the current owner of the license. You would have to be comfortable with the software before you buy. I'm not sure how to accomplish a demo period without giving the username and password for the license.
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    I do understand the problem with paying a certain amount for software without having the ability to demo it first. The only way I could think of to demo the software would be to give my userid/password info and then have Ward Systems change it for me if the person would then decide not to buy the license. Other than that, maybe speaking to current NeuroShell users, maybe in one of the forums, would give enough confidence.
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    Why are you selling the program? Are the add-ons necessary?
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    I'm selling because I'm going in a different direction. I want to trade daily price action, and using trend-following methods. Although I could do that with this software, it's overkill for what I want to do. Software such as Trading Blox is better suited for what I want to do. But for anyone using intra-day data feeds, this software is the way to go!

    As for the add-ons, they aren't a necessity for the software...there are a ton of indicators included with the software. The add-ons just add an extra dimension to your trading, and different ideas. I would prefer to include the add-ons with the software. I'm not sure it would be as easy to sell the rights to the add-ons if I don't sell them along with the software.
  8. If you want to setup a demo, all you need to do is setup your PC with teamviewer or logmeIn and have the person that's getting the demo login remotely and see the system running in your local PC.

    ;) :D
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    Thanks for the info! :)
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    Well, I can't believe that there hasn't been more interest in the NeuroShell Trader Pro on this forum? Can anyone tell me a better forum that I can post this classified on? I'm willing to give a good deal for anyone who is legitimately interested in one of the best trading software packages available anywhere! Thanks!
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