NeuroShell Day Trader Power User Release 6

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  1. Hi,

    I'm selling a license for NeuroShell "Day Trader Power User" release 6, which includes the following features :

    - Develop complex technical analysis indicators, trading systems and neural network market forecasts in minutes using point & click without any coding.
    - Paper trading optimization, out of sample backtesting and walkforward genetic algorithm optimization.
    - Chart pages to view and trade your trading systems & neural network predictions across many instruments at the same time.
    - Fast optimization with distributed processing across multiple cores of a single pc.
    - Over 800 indicators including the ability to create and save custom indicators.
    - Cross market data analysis, combination of multiple time frame analysis into one chart.
    - Automatically send your models trades to your favorite brokerage.
    - Advanced money management & position sizing methods, pyramiding and position scaling.
    - Batch Processing of multiple trading strategy templates on multiple instruments.

    For the rest of features, compatible data-feeds & brokers please refer to their website here .

    Included in the sale the following Add-Ons :

    - Adaptive Turboprop2 : a proprietary fast training neural network algorithm
    - Pattern Matcher
    - Adaptive Net Indicators
    - Neural Indicators

    Reason for selling : Using a different quant strategies researching / back-testing platform with direct API integration that satisfy my needs.

    Will offer "Day Trader Power User" licence plus the 4 add-ons for $2460 , which is lower by around $2230 (including add-ons) than the currently listed price in their website. The vendor will transfer ownership to the buyer.

  2. I'll bid $50. PM me if that works for you.
  3. R1234


    That's lowball man. I bid $100
    PM me.
  4. Whoa, a big spender. Ok, $150, last and final.
  5. Marti


    Hi, $200
  6. Xamarass


    Is that licence still on sales ?
  7. yetul


    I'm interested in the license.
  8. The license has been sold.