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  1. Johnny was laying on his dual person floating massage table watching a music video in his effect visor and talking on his 6G retro flip phone when his mother called out:" It's finally here honey. It's here! "

    At the front door was a burly man, six foot seven at least with a odd gift for Johnny from the government. Johnny had officially come of age- fifteen when he could begin providing energy for his country. Long ago, many years now they stopped drafting their young one's into war, then the State found a bigger task for it's offspring... to power all things that needed energy. For that, this inventive piece of fiber being dropped off at Johnny's house was needed.

    Scientists way back in 2008 developed a microfiber fabric that generates its own electricity, making enough current to recharge a cell phone or ensure that a small MP3 music player never runs out of power. Those were the early days in human powered concept thinking HPCT.

    The fiber-based nanogenerator is a simple and economical way to harvest energy from physical movement. What movement could provide that constant friction? Well that's for Johhny and his Jack Rag to find out.

    The Nanogenerator Jack Pad NJP takes advantage of the semiconductive properties of zinc oxide nanowires -- tiny wires 1,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair -- embedded into the fabric. The wires are formed into pairs of microscopic brush-like structures, shaped like a baby-bottle brush.

    One of the fibers in each pair is coated with gold and serves as an electrode. As the bristles brush together through a person's body movement, the wires convert the mechanical motion into electricity.

    Young men and girls for that matter, prime in their sexual musings and bored as hell were obviously ripe foil for the government looking for steady electricity. That's why as of fall of 2020, each young lad and lass in America receives a US Gov Friction Pad series 1A when they turn 15.

    Now each thoughtful time out by America's teenagers results in 80 milliwatts per square meter of the fabric being released into a holding cell. At months end each teenager transfers their cells stored up energy to a US Gov receiving station, the Government receives the stored up energy and the teen gets a carbon tax credit to bring home to mom and dad.

    " Well Johnny, here you go, take this into your room and get us some tax credits! "
    " I will mom. Thanks "
    " Remember Release Away from the rag.
    " Zinc oxide degrades when wet. Release away. "
    " Oh yes, thanks again, now stand back mom, somewhere in the heartland... there's a bulb to light!"