Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX) bad FDA but

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    Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX)

    bad news but its only down a little after hours

    i wonder why? anyone have any ideas

    Results of statistical analysis using the intent-to-treat population revealed no benefit of GSK561679 compared with placebo on both the Bech Melancholia and HAMD-17 endpoints. The top-line results are based on the six week placebo-controlled portion of the study for the intent to treat population of 145 patients. From a safety perspective, there were no significant adverse events, and the drug was generally well tolerated.

    i wonder why? anyone have any ideas
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    i guess we have to wait until wednesday...either the news is not important or after hours is a bunch of bull

    either way i wont get much sleep
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    i guess that the true test will be how it acts today
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    for that bad of news...NBIX could not be having a better day

    well its either a super strong stock that can shrug off bad news...which are the stocks that can change your life style


    that drug trial was a long shot to be good and everyone knew it...

    i dont know????

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    what a day NBIX is having...i dont see any news either
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    it is trading a new 52 week high pre-market...

    i guess we will see how the day goes
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    some one knows something....

    sit back and let it ride...these bios can really run

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    well i guess this is why it was up last week

    8:01AM Neurocrine Biosci announces that VMAT2 program will move into Phase II clinical trials (NBIX) 8.04 : Co announces that it has successfully completed a second Phase I clinical trial of its proprietary Vesicular Mono-Amine Transporter 2 compound, NBI-98854. The positive results of this Phase I study of repeated dosing in healthy volunteers allows the VMAT2 program to initiate Phase II studies.
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    Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX)-

    I have been waiting for big news Good or Bad for a long time now....something big has to come out sooonnn

    At this point i just want big news.....

    Anyone know of anytime frames for these drug trials to be complete??
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    i guess i will just keep on waiting

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