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  1. Hello,

    Does anyone have a list of neural network software vendors?

    The more customizable the better... At least with programmable error functions.

    Simulated annealing / genetic algorithms to help with optimization would be helpful.

  2. QuantStudio and QuantDeveloper have neural net library and stochastic optimizers including simulated annealing.

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    Hey there Morgan, remember me?

    If you don't mind Python, there is free and open source stuff in ... in the scipy.optimize library. Simulated annealing and genetic algorithms are there.

  4. Stephen,

    Sure do! Thanks for the reference.

    How are you? Hope everything's going well. We should have lunch again.


    Thanks, I've looked into it before, and it was on the top of my list. I will give it another look.

  5. Hi Morgan,

    good to hear you know QuantDeveloper :) We do not want to compete with professional/scientific neural net and optimization software but a good thing about our framework is that our generic optimizer interface is connected to strategy, portfolio, etc. optimization. On the other hand our interface is open so that you can connect strategy optimization with a third party optimization package. For example our users interface GALIB for genetic portfolio/strategy optimization.

    Neural net package is also somewhat oriented to financial word. It natively works with time series, we have used it for pattern recognition, hedge fund performance mapping with Kohonen maps, etc. We can also provide you with the source code of NN and optimization libs alone with QuantDeveloper, so that you can modify libraries to fit your needs.


    1. BrainMaker
    2. SAS Enterprise Miner Software
    3. NeuralWorks
    4. MATLAB Neural Network Toolbox
    5. Propagator
    6. NeuroForecaster
    7. Products of NESTOR, Inc.
    8. Ward Systems Group (NeuroShell, etc.)
    9. Neuralyst
    10. Cortex-Pro
    11. Partek
    12. NeuroSolutions
    13. Qnet For Windows Version 2.0
    14. NeuroLab, A Neural Network Library
    15. hav.Software: havBpNet++, havFmNet++, havBpNet:J
    16. IBM Neural Network Utility
    17. NeuroGenetic Optimizer (NGO) Version 2.0
    18. WAND
    19. The Dendronic Learning Engine
    20. TDL v. 1.1 (Trans-Dimensional Learning)
    21. NeurOn-Line
    22. Neuframe
    23. OWL Neural Network Library (TM)
    24. Neural Connection
    25. Pattern Recognition Workbench Expo/PRO/PRO+
    26. PREVia
    27. Trajan 2.1 Neural Network Simulator
    28. DataEngine
    29. Machine Consciousness Toolbox
    30. Professional Basis of AI Backprop
    31. STATISTICA: Neural Networks
    32. Braincel (Excel add-in)
    34. Viscovery SOMine
    35. NeuNet Pro
    36. Neuronics
    37. RG Software
    38. Cobalt A.I. Code Builder - Neural Network Edition
    39. NEURO MODEL and GenOpt
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    I used NeuroSolutions(from list above) with some success in an automated trading system.

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