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  1. Does anyone use Neural Net in selecting stocks or use any service that applies this to recomendations?
  2. I assume everyone else feels the same as I do since there have been no replys.
    Neural net may be great, but who wants to take recomendations from a black box. No idea of why your making a trade!
  3. use the neural net between your ears.
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    use the neural net between your ears.

    LOL. Man, when you're lucid you do come up with some good ones... :)
  5. I've read books and tried over a dozen commercial packages trying to prove that neural nets work.

    Yes they do somewhat work - however better results can be acheived by other methods. Specifically never trust an overtrained neural net - you'll get results worth than before.

    My overall resume - unless the neural net includes ALL the factors affecting stock exchange trends - it is useless, even with todays computer power.