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  1. does anyone use netzero highspeed or has anyone tried it ?

    i have a computer away from my regular home that i am on about 2-3 days out the week. i am wondering if netzero is reliable-- they offer netzero highspeed internet for $15 a month.
    which is super cheap, but i'm not sure what they consider highspeed.
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    If you are looking for a cheap, reliable dial-up ISP look at

    I use them as my backup and from my laptop when I'm in hotels, etc. I recall doing quite a bit of research before choosing them.

    Good luck.
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    iqfeed DTN

    Their high speed service is a client and server software system which compresses images when browsing the web. It doesn't provide a "faster connection". Thus, it will only make websites load a bit faster because it compresses the webpages before transmitting them. The image quality will be reduced as well depending upon the settings you choose.

    Jay Froscheiser
    DTN Market Access, LLC.
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    If you're gonna go the dial-up route, get a subscription. It's $9.88/month, truly unlimited usage (have it on 24 hrs/day if you want) and the first 3 months are free. It's only available in 20 states right now but mine's there so I'm a happy user.

  5. i hope fry's internet is as friendly and reliable as their store's customer reps. :D
  6. The concept of using a cheap internet service is very scary ...

  7. yes, but it would only be for a computer that i am on thursday nights and fridays. so only one trading day
  8. Dangerous ...
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    what about for backup purposes?
  10. that is different ...
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