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    Does anybody know if there are any problems with networking computers which have different operating systems? I currently have three machines that are all running Windows 98 which are networked through a cable router. If I upgrade one or two of the machines to Windows 2000 pro, will this cause any networking problems.
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    The short answer is probably. I find I have no problem networking W2K and W2K, NT and NT, or W2K and NT. But when I try and throw W98 into the mix I can't get it to "talk" too well with W2K or NT. Just my experience, and I'd be interested if someone has been successful networking W98 and W2K, and would list the exact networking setup (in control panel) that they used.
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    Magna, thanks for the reply. So, it looks like the best thing to do would be to upgrade all three of the computers to Windows 2000 pro?
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    Hi Magna,
    yes I have it working. You are right that they don't like each other, however you can make them work.

    - they MUST be in the same workgroup (forget about domains here, if you are in a domain Magna, I know why it does not work).

    - a good protocol to use is TCP
    - but you must also enable NetBeui
    don't do that if you aren't behind a router/firewall and using a cable (or dsl).

    - also, w98 must have multiple users support activated. then you must login with a username/password which is known by W2k or NT

    with all these (easy huh!) and some other things I probably forgot it will work. I have such a setup active behind a linksys router.


    PS : OK, you replied in the meantime. if you upgrade all, it will be a much smoother ride.
  5. You should have no problems getting NT, Win2k WinXP, 98 or Me or 95 talking to each other. Just make sure in the network setup, you have the all set to DHCP, so the router will take care of all the network control.
    I have NT, XP, 98, ME and 2K all running with one router, no problems at all.
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    Thanks, but that alone won't do it, I have them all set with DHCP anyway. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, DHCP strictly means that the computer is not permanently setup with a static IP address (i.e., it makes a request, and the router assigns it one).

    tntneo, I think what you're saying makes good sense, I might tinker around with that. Thanks.
  7. We are running 98, NT, and 2000 with 2 or 3 NICs in each machine, works fine; but don't ask me how.
  8. I have several computers running Linux 7.2, Windows 2000 and Windows 98. The actual networking protocol used is SMB (ServerMessage Block). It can ride on top of TCP/IP or NetBeui.

    I have had problems in the past mapping drives between 98 and 2000. I believe the problem had something to do with the case of the passwords. 98 and 2000 have some suttle difference - I can't remember it exactly. I did however fix it.

    Wait! Here it is! Check out this URL. Notice the part about the passwords. Magna, Hope this helps.;en-us;Q258717

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    But that's exactly what I was asking you. :)
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