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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by maxpi, Mar 12, 2008.

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    I installed a Netgear FA311 card in each of two XP machines. When I cable those two cards together each machine reports that a network cable is unplugged. If I connect the DSL modem to one of them it doesn't report that. What should I configure to get them to see each other?
  2. Assuming you're talking about Ethernet cards then you need a crossover cable between them so that the transmit of A is talking to the receive of B and vice versa. Either that or get a small cheap 10/100 or 1000 hub.
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    dang, i never would have thought of that, i have a hub around here somewhere, thanks!!
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    if you want to make a direct connection between 2 computers, you will need a cross cable.

    This is a handy cable to have around; it only cost ~$5. You can use it to make a quick connection for file transfers, when a network is not available.
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    Never needed a wireless router setup because i only use desktops and always in the same next to desk position. I am thinking finally of getting a notebook to take with me for time off and trading in hotels etc for a bit before i move on in the mornings.

    Anyway, what wireless router is a snap to setup? No Linksys stuff. How about wireless cards to be installed in the desktop pc's?

    Wired is ok, but maybe i can put 2 pc's on the wireless DSL and keep the order entry on the wired cable connection.

    Any ideas? I am no connections wizard myself........that router setup stuff can be a pain in the ass with DSL. Take the same puters and the same router you used on a cable setup and then try it on DSL and it has a hell of a time keeping the internet up when trying to setup the second pc. Thks
  6. Even though you say "no Linksys", the Linksys WRT54GL has won " annual customer choice award" multiple times and has probably the highest customer satisfaction rating at Newegg. And it's a snap to set up.
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    Gnome..........Ok, i will take your advise and give it a try. Thks
  8. Well, I bought it on the rec's of Newegg reviewers, and it has been perfect. No reboots in 6 months, good range on the wireless...

    Many Newegg'ers recommend using 3rd-party firmware, but I'm using the stock.

    Many also recommend NOT using the setup disk but rather just go the the website and set up. That's what I did and it was easy.
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    gnome I think i have found my problems with the routers. I am using a "DRY LOOP" DSL line from ATT for the routers. The problem seems to have been the modem they sent me, a Motorola 2210-02-1002, it is a small piece and i was sheptical; from the get-go.

    I did some modern YELLOW PAGES (GOOGLE) and seem to see where many others have had trouble with these "dry loops".........seems they only get 1 internet address. I am not by any stretch of imagination a techie nerd so i was confused why everyone was saying the routers would work. So then i remembered i had an "OLD" DSL router in a closet so i dug it out and it connected to the DSL without the cd etc.

    With a little luck .........maybe it was the tiny motorola modem that was the problem.............i will try it tomorrow with that wrt54g modem and usb network diddie i went and bought from Bestbuy. They did not have the exact model you recommended..........but the nerd bird there said it will do fine.

    Late night tonight, Formula 1 Qualifying comes on at 1100 est .. :)

    Thks, for info..check this out.....