Networking three PC's to one cable connection + 802.11G

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MrDinky, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. MrDinky


    I'm finally done wasting my money on three separate cable modem connections for three PC's. I know I'm throwing $100+ extra out the door every month that I could be saving if I network and now that they're capping speeds and setting data transfer limits, I figure the greedy bastards don't need any extra money.

    The cable company charges an extra $5 per networked PC on one connection. My question is, how would they know the difference? I'm no expert on networking, but it seems like they wouldn't be able to tell if you had 1 or 100 computers connected as it's only the router that's connected to them. Will they be able to tell I have three PC's connected?

    Also, I know this 802.11G, 54G or whatever it's called is overkill right now, plus initial reviews seem to say the technology is still buggy and even worse than the commonly used 802.11b standard. Has anyone taken the plunge with this new wi-fi standard that can give their opinion?

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    I just moved a bunch of equipment to my house and was pleasantly surprised to see wifi with a four port switch. So I can keep my computer in my home office wired and still move my laptop around the house and connect an upstairs computer too. You may know this or not but I was pretty happy to see that I did not have to trust the wifi stuff too much at first.
  3. MrDinky,

    I used to share a single cable connection between two computers configuring Win98 SE accordingly for 2 years. it worked great and nobody from the cable company ever knocked on my door questioning anything.
  4. Keep one connection and add in a wireless router. Get the necessary wireless cards and surf until your hearts content. :)
  5. rs7


    Yup, I just did this at home (not for trading). Works great. One time cost of about $80 for a Linksys wireless router (got it at Best Buy....they were $129 everywhere else), and another $60 (if I remember...somewhere around there though) for the card for my laptop. My desktop just plugs right into the router, so there is no cost there other than the $7 for an ethernet cable.

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    If you're adding a wireless card I'd recommend the Asante AL1511 "X-Wing." It has two 1-inch antennas that when stood up drastically increase you signal strength. The best price was at along with a rebate. I love mine.

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    Mr. Dinky:

    You're right, the cable company will never know. I use a LinkSys router/switch 4 port and have had up to 3 computers at a time without a problem. Now, if want to have a different IP address for another computer then you will want to pay the extra 4.99 or whatever each month for each connection but, otherwise sharing the same address is no problem.

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    yeah that's the answer
  9. I think you can save money by using Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP Pro. No router required.
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