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  1. I am dumb about this stuff, I have a main pc xp pro,that has wireless dsl unit. I want to link a different pc that has 7 pro. There is a program on the xp unit that I want to use/ share from my 7pro computer. I suppose the program will be shared? does it have to be on each pc?

    It is designed to be run on more than one computer( multi user) if that matters.

    Do I use the network setup wizard in control panel on the xp system?
  2. It doesn't work that way. For a program to run, it's more than just one executable file. There are DLLs and other supporting files as well. You would need to install the app on each computer that you want to run the software on. So you would need to install that app on your Win7 pro machine (if the app support is).
  3. thanks, I nee one of those dummies books
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    use software, after a simple setup you can control other computer, transfer file back and forth between them.
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    That's what I'm talking about.