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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mjt, Jun 22, 2001.

  1. mjt


    If I have 2 computers networked, am I able to run a software package simultaneously on both computers? For example, could I have Real Tick running a level 2 and a chart on one computer, and have Real Tick charts running on my other computer?

    If not, is it because Real Tick (and many other software packages) run in one main window? Would it be possible if there is no main window, such as in Redi Plus?
  2. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    Hi Mjt,

    It depends on the software.
    Because client/server software [software connecting to a central central on another machine] may choose to accept multiple connection from the same account or not.

    I am not sure for Hyperfeed [the data provider behind Realtick]. As a rule of thumb, it is common to accept only one connection from the same user/account, regardless of the machine. So I guess it would not work, not at the same time that is. Otherwise it would be easy to share an account and have several users using the software. [some software make this mistake though :) ]

  3. Baron

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    Multiple logins under the same username are not allowed with RealTick. I heard RediPlus software would allow it, but I've never tested it myself.
  4. Hoyler


    I am not the expert here, but if you use a router that will be your 1 log on address. From there the data goes to where you wish, 1 computer or another. I hope this helps.

  5. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    When you are behind a router, you have one IP address. that's true. However, the server software can still know if you logged in several times or not.

    Therefore usually one account / one login, regardless of your connection type.

  6. statetech


    The key is to control and parse the datafeed, a task that is extremely hard and reserved for the talented programmers.

    I've seen it done in different circumstances but it is possible. But realistically, probably not in this case.
  7. mjt:
    Generally, it depends on the software you're using.

    With DSL or Cable modems you can often have multiple PC's connected with one external (WAN) IP address. This however, only means that you're sharing the modem. Each PC behind the modem/hub (i.e. in your house) still acts and behaves as different computers. If you log into e.g. CyberTrader or RealTick from two computers it will appear to the Server that you're logged in twice.

    I ended up using one computer with two monitors and the 2nd computer as backup and web access to the brokerage (also as backup).

  8. bro59


    Most quote providers have ceased to allow users to log on from multiple computers at the same time. QCharts allowed it until very recently but I think they no longer do so. You are limited then to 1 machine with multiple monitors; however, a network could be useful to allow you to harness the power of a 2nd computer to perform tasks such as browsing, chatting, or perhaps even running a cheap or free quote product as backup. This partitioning removes some of the processing burden from your primary machine which may help it run cleaner. I run IB on a server machine while networked off of that is a 2nd computer running 2 monitors with QCharts. The whole mess is connected through a switch and an application on the server machine runs Sygate Home Network which allows my cable modem to see only 1 ISP account. Depending on how to choose to network your machines keep in mind that anything running on a client computer will have to deal with the translation issues inherent in a client/server type setup, so some permissioning and customizing of your NAT settings may be necessary. I still think the best setup for trading is to run 2 non-networked computers on 2 different ISP backbones for redundancy, but the networking solution is cheaper. At least until things go wrong then you have no immediate backup which may cost you dearly.