Networkers getting crushed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rawman74, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. I'm surprised theres been no comment on the collapse of the old favorites, the networkers, over the past couple of weeks. Are all of Cisco's competitors going to zero?
  2. silk


    I checked RBAK quote and it is 39 cents. Funny, i was forced to cover my short in FEB 2000 and $309 pre split.

    I held my short from $200 to $309, because I knew i was right long term.

    Most important lessons can be learned by studying the last 5 years in the mkt. We are witnessing in its most extreme case how the market cycle works time and time again.
  3. joeystox

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    even csco might got to zero:D
  4. holy smokes! that's a 10k drawdown on 100shares. you ended up making a profit though right? where'd you get out?

    i guess part of the trick is knowing when to break the rules, although you've gotta admit, "i knew i was right in the long term" is a pretty scary statement.:)