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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Digs, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Digs


    Ok first my current setup....

    PC One :
    Esignal Subscription PC, Esignal Charts
    OS XP
    RAM 512
    CPU 2.4 GHZ

    PC Two:
    Customer Stock Scanner
    Data Asscci files from PC1
    OS Windows 2000
    RAM 512
    CPU 2.8 GHZ

    Computers are connected by a 10/100 MB box, with a 5m cable to each computer, so thats a 10m span....
    Cable x2 are : 5x UTP CAT-5 Network Cable
    Box x1 is : Cameo 8 Port 10/100baseT UTP Dual-Speed Switched Hub: Fast Ethernet Switch, 8x STP & 1x Uplink, Power Adapter

    MY ISSUE :
    I transfer data between these two computers from PC1 to PC2 , how can I make it faster, if money is no object ?? Currently its to slow, as data is realtime ASCCII data....What should I change...are there any any PC network OS system issue can i fix.
    Do I get short cables, better box, more CPU from PC1, what...

  2. ctrader


    First thing is how much data are you trying to transfer? Is it more then 50 mbits/sec? (I doubt it). If you are, looking at upgrading to gigabit ethernet.

    More then likely the bottleneck is the application that is serving the data, or the application that is receiving it.
  3. You didn't say how much data you were transfering and what frequency. I doubt your problem is CPU or network but more the total volume you are sending.

    If the data is just too big, it's going take a while.

    Why don't you try accessign the data directly from the PC that holds it, rather than trying to make a complete copy?

    Make the data accessible as a network drive from the other pc.

    If the data really isn't that large, then I doubt the problem is the cables / cpu / or network hardware. Cable length definately won't make a difference.