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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanmart, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. alanmart


    I have a CSCO Catalyst 3500 XL Network Switch I inherited form an old trading office. (48 Ports)

    I also have a Cisco 1700 Router that I inherited from a prior T-1 I had connected in my home.

    I don't have detailed networking experience. Can I somehow us this switch and/or router in conjunction with my trading setup?

    I currently have Boosted Cable Modem connection (Cablevision) and have only been using a netgear wireless router to hard wire my PC's.

    I would like to increase the number of PC's as well in the near future to around 5.

    Can the switch or router be utilized and what is the best setup?

    If not, is it better to use a separate router and hub as opposed to just using a wireless router?

    I am most interested in reliability and speed. I run IB TWS, IB API, FuturesSource Workstation, Q-Link and or DTN IQ Feed. Therefore I have a lot of data coming in, and I have orders going out.

    I feel as though I am doing myself a dis-service using only the netgear router. I only need wireless for a non critical PC in another room.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

  2. Poole


    honestly, the best way to spend your money would be as follows

    1) put the cisco stuff on ebay
    2) buy 2 of these

    get a cheapo DSL in addition to your internet cable modem

    buy a wireless card for your PC

    1 DSL to one router, wireless pc connect to this router
    1 cable modem to the other router, hard wired lan connection to 2nd router

    then you have no points of failure, 2 separate routers, 2 separate internets

    only your computer can die on you (or your power)

    15 years of IT experience here including cisco CCIE