Network problem halts CME electronic early Friday

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    09/20 8:37A (RT) Network problem halts CME electronic early Friday
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    CHICAGO, Sept 20 (Reuters) - Electronic trade on the
    Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the world's No. 2 futures
    exchange, was halted for nearly two hours early Friday due to a
    "network issue," the exchange said.
    Trading on the exchange's electronic platform, Globex, was
    halted at 5:15 a.m. CDT (1015 GMT) and resumed at 7 a.m. CDT
    (1200 GMT), an exchange spokesman said. He had no other
    The outage included the actively traded Standard & Poor's
    500 futures and the Nasdaq 100 futures.
    Problems handling record volume on the electronic platform
    prompted the CME to delay a planned expansion of electronic
    trading capabilities that had been set for mid-July.
    The expansion has been planned to enhance screen-based
    trading of complex combinations of futures on Eurodollars, the
    world's most actively traded futures contract.
    The CME said in mid July that some users had trouble
    connecting to Globex during recent periods of high volume. In
    addition, the system in at least one instance sent a user an
    erroneous message stating that an order was canceled, when in
    fact the order was actually filled.
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  2. What do they use all the money for ?

    Exchange Fee is 2.32$ per roundturn. CEO must be a rich man. :D