Network Connection Help!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SizesTrader, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I need some help with my backup computer. While I was cleaning out old files from my backup computer, I happen to delete the ethernet drivers in the Network and Dialup Connections menu.

    The backup computer has a wireless linksys card, which is connected. I reinstalled the ethernet drivers but still could not access the internet. Then I use the cable wire hook up to the linksys router and it worked. After reinstalling the linksys drivers again and took out the cable wire connected to the router, I could not access the internet.

    What I really need is to be able to shares files from my primary computer to the backup computer.

    Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks again.

  2. There may be something in the registry that is pointing to the old files. Whenever something similar to this happens to me, I use a program called WinSock FIX. It fixes 99% of network related problems in the registry. You still need to make sure you have your ethernet card driver installed before running it. Here is a link to download it:

    As always, its a good idea to create a system restore point before running any fixing program. There is also a version for 98/ME