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  1. Can anyone provide some help? I have two computers. One is use for trading and the other is just for backup, imaging, and etc. They both used Linksys wireless connections with a router.

    The problem I am having is that my backup computer is not on the network, eventhough I have access to the internet. In the Network and Dial-up Connections, I have two connections. One is configured using the Linksys wireless pci adapter and the other is the Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection. Somehow, the Intel Pro/100 is not working, but I can connect to the internet. And when I go to My Network Places and click on the Entire Network, it said the Network is not accessible.

    I then uninstall the Intel Pro/100 and now I have no access to the internet. Why? I thought the linksys wireless would be enough.

    When I restart my backup computer, it said that it has found new hardware, the Ethernet Controller. I did not reinstall the new hardware though.

    I need to find a way to configure my backup computer so that I have access to the internet without using the Intel Pro/100. Also, I have to backup some files from my other computer.

    Both computers used Windows 2000.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just a few tips.

    I assume the Intel Pro/100 is your onboard ethernet controller. There should be no need to uninstall it (in the worst case you can disable the connection from the control panel), but if you want to uninstall it then you can also disable the controller in the bios.

    as to the wireless connection, check that the adapter is poperly working. You can do that from the device manager.

    if it's working, check that it's correctly configured for your router (SSID, encryption, etc). A Linksys card should have its own software (I have one in my laptop). Also make sure the network settings are correct, like DHCP. Of course, make also sure that you are not too far from your router.

    if it's configured, check that you have a network connection (type "ipconfig /renew" from a dos prompt; you should also be able to see it from the Linksys software). If you don't, and your card is working, then the problem is the router. Check that you don't have MAC filtering on, or anything that could prevent your machine from getting a connection.

    you should now at least be able to see your router, and to see your ip address. If you still don't have an internet connection, and you can't see the other machine, the problem is still the router. Check the firewall settings, client filtering, and make sure the two computers are in the same subnet.