Network and/or motherboard problem on new computer. HELP

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by comfut, May 1, 2006.

  1. comfut


    Just bought a new computer:

    Motherboard is:

    EVGA Nforce-4 SLI AMD

    I am having problems logging into Redi for trading purposes and getting data from e-signal.

    Techs have tried to help, but problems still exist.

    Is there a trick to getting this to work correctly?

    Are the network drivers shutting out the esignal and redi?

    Any suggestions welcome.

  2. Windows XP Pro I assume? You could try killing the windows firewall temporarily to see if that lets the traffic through. I assume these products were working on the old compter and the only variable is the new PC?
  3. comfut


    Yes, everything is working fine on the other computers

    Windows XP Media Center

    I've tried turning off the firewall. Firewall, also, shows esignal and redi enabled to pass through.
  4. XP Media Center? Did you have media center running before? I've never tried running media center, so I don't know how much different it would be. Based on the fact that you are able to access the internet, I don't think it is your network. Did you change any settings on your router(if you have one)?

    Also, some of the trading plaforms use proxy servers and do have some network settings that need to be correct for them to work. I wonder if they expected anyone to actually try to use media center edition?

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. It might be worth ordering up a copy of XP Pro to try it out. You should be able to get an OEM copy for less than $100 online.
  5. comfut


    Thanks for your ideas.

    Techs at both Redi and esignal did not indicate there was any problem using media center.

    Tech at REDI indicated that they have had some problems with Nvidia motherboards compatability.
  6. beatpoet


    Just need a bit of info on the rest of your computer.

    Broadband: cable or DSL?


    What other software/applications are running? Check your taskbar or CTRL-ALT-DEL once to show the processes

    Try running a system diagnostic, such as Sandra or Belarc Advisor (two downloadable applications from

    Either will be able to examine your computer's hardware/software components. When you have more details to share, then we can better troubleshoot.

    Also, any specific Microsoft updates installed recently? What error messages do you get when disconnnected?

  7. comfut



    Thank you for help.

    I had just bought the comuter, so I have now mailed it back to them for their review.

    I am able to connect to all sites that the new one couldn't, with my other computers, so it is not the cable, router, etc.

    I'll post back when the techs where I purchased the comuter get back to me.