NetPicks Seven Summit Trader: Anybody there?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by dstrader, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Anybody using these services? Can you give your feedback? Are you obtaining the promised results?
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    Can you give some details? how long did you use the service? what was bad/good about it... which results did you get... etc.

  4. These guys just held a webinar tonight and in 30 minutes selling via the Home Shopping Network method, made over $60K.

    Why trade when you can make that risk free?

    All of the educators there say they are TRADERS using the system. So, before you buy this ask them for their trading statements backing up the claim they have 75% winners and their accounts have reached new equity highs.
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    I know the natural reflex is to bash anything commercially sold.

    I have had several of their products, to me the SST thing is the strongest. However, it does take work - plenty of it. I think most look for get rich quick and when that doesn't happen then the reflex is it stinks.

    Personally I get tired of all the crazy claims too, but this course is legitimate training of a real system, and does not win all the time, or everyday. If pie in the sky fantasy results are what your after then continue but I've talked to enough people making it happen in their live training room to know it's not just me who is satisfied.

    As for the coaches trading everytime I've talked to one of them they always seem like they know their stuff and trade. Don't think they could answer my questions as easily if they didn't.

    THat's my advice - if you are willing to work hard at the Seven Summits Trade it should work for you as long as you are realistic about your expectations.
  6. I would disregard the previous post (marks1117), aside from the fact he only has 6 posts.

    NetPicks in general does not really have a positive reputation, based on seeing occasional things about them the last 5-10 years or so. Like most others, they sell hype and promise.