Netherlands is closing 19 prisons due to a serious prisoner shortage

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  1. I hope one day Democracy evolves to the point where voters must first pass a civics/current events/politics quiz before their votes are counted as valid. If only this was the case, Ron Paul would have a real shot at the White House.

    Among the general populace, Libertarian candidates can barely muster any support at all, but the picture changes completely when you narrow it down to citizens who actually understand the issues and keep up with the news.
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    What they need to do is declare a "war on drugs" and have private prison companies run the prison. They will resolve their prisoner shortage in no time.
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  6. if we ended the war on drugs and closed prisons what would those thousands and thousands of people do for jobs? Same thing with a flat tax. The nanny state has made so many people reliant on it for a pay check there are only two ways to escape. Keep doing what we are doing until the system collapses in on itself. Or make education free or cheap enough that displaced workers can gain skills quickly enough to find something to do in the productive world.
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    Positive would be the huge savings from no more FAT [TO THE POINT OF OBSCENELY OBESE] pensions and equipment contracts for all the G men involved in the never ending war

    negative would be a large number of people currently paying the bills by selling drugs would have to find something else to replace it - expect armed robberies to go through the roof rather than lots of people retraining at their local community college. that is a likely unintended consequence of collapsing the market by legalisation.