Netfutures best commissions for E-mini's ?!

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by virgin, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. virgin



    I have heard that Netfutures offers 5.3 ,-$
    RT for the E-mini's....

    Anybody can confirm this ?

    Anybody complaints with this broker ?

  2. That doesnt beat IB's 4.80
  3. virgin


    The best rates for J-trader !!!!
  4. Any minimum contracts per month for that rate?
  5. virgin


    No, I don't think so...

    I just E-mailed them to ask for that

    They need minimum 10000-$ for J-trader.
  6. rickty


    I spoke today to netFutures and I was clearly told that they
    are increasing their commissions by $2~3. So, as far as I'm
    aware, they won't be offering any $5.30 rt commissions any
    longer. If someone can get this rate, please let us know.

  7. Good God! Just came across this thread and, out of curiosity, did they indicate why the increase is so dramatic? I mean, something on the order of 50% has got to irk a lot of clients.
  8. virgin


    I just called them, and they told me I could

    start out at 5.8,-$ RT.

    Yes, they start to raise there rates, but

    if you do enough volume, I think you can get

    lower rates...
  9. rickty


    So how much volume do you need to do?
    If you can't answer that , then, how much did you
    say you would do? Are they looking for a certain
    account size as well?

    As was told to me, they can no longer afford to
    offer $5.30 rt for people doing only one contract,
    50 rt per month.

  10. Did you open an account with NetFutures in the meantime ?
    #10     Apr 24, 2002