Netflix type business for books:

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  1. Great innovation .. I hope they extend it to more books other than paperback ...

    Borders and Barnes should get onboard with it. If I could rent my books at the store I would not mind paying a monthly fee.... just like a "premium" library ....
  2. Another business. To be honest I thought about setting up something similar a few years ago but when I checked around (sigh) it has been done.
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    Do you actually think that business model will survive, I highly doubt it. Amazon just released one of the newest most talked about product, called KINDLE...look that up and see how far you think that book by mail will go....

    Netflix wont exist either in a few years thanks to the set top box...

    Blockbuster is another company that wont exist either in a 3-5 years.
  4. Printed material won't last long either.
    It's not "green".

    San Francisco county is about to ban fireplace fires. Some wingnut claims they account for 33% of the particulate matter in the air.
  5. I hate the steers and queers in San Fransisco...Berkley needs to be fire bombed :mad:

    Printed matter is on it's way out...books will all be electronic soon. You want to read? You'll download the book or stop by a kiosk and browse through books to upload them to your "reader".

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    Barnes and Nobles probably wont exist in 10 years either, that morning news paper wont exist as well.
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    just how much oil, gas, plastic, shipping, toxics does it take to make a computer? buy a new one every couple years? for every man, woman and child.on.the.planet.? yeah, real freaking green.