Netflix/redbox killer

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    Free movies, free TV shows, not a big selection yet, but this is something that probably wont help netflix or redbox.
  2. not sure it will hurt redbox does it do new movies? i don't even understand how redbox makes money with 1 dollar movies. to buy a machine, maintenance a machine, and have workers to refill them has to cost something.
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    MAY 1 2012 = 83.52

    MAY 31 2012= 63.44

    Is now the time to just in ??????
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    Tried a site similar to this and got nothing but a bunch of Trojans. Use at your own risk.

  5. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a killer. I've used it as an alternate streaming source for a long time (its integrated into most sony streaming media boxes) with few issues.

    The movie selection is a very small set of older movies (from the 80s to 90s) that is rarely repopulated and paid for via annoying ads every 15 minutes or so. But if you like watching some of the older flicks, it's great ( Cronenberg video drome, etc). So that's more of a third tier movie audience.

    Netflix is more 2nd tier (along with Amazon, who is the greater threat) or older releases, with a slightly higher re-population rate of films/tv shows worth watching.

    Redbox, DvDExtreme, etc.. cater to the newer blockbuster audience with a slight premium (~$1-$1.50) and the cost of travelling to a kiosk, whereas the plethora of streaming sites with new blockbuster releases still charge an arm and a leg (around $5) per film. When someone comes up with a model for NEW streaming blockbusters at $2, then I'd be more worried about the kiosks disappearing or Netflix/Amazon losing customers and margins.

  6. On roku there are several free channels with older free content.
    Roku with Netflix and hbo go is a good combination.