Netflix is proof wall street is con game scam rigged casino

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by fanews, May 17, 2011.

  1. fanews


    Netflix is proof wall street is con game scam rigged casino.

    90% of wall street is a scam, con game, rigged casino.

    And proof taxpayers and traders pay $500 million to police the crooks, yeah 500 million/year in policing a casino.

    And you can't have 100% scam or they shut down wall street as crime racket. The RICO act. Wall Street Firms and hedge funds and banks woudl be charged with racketeering if 100% scam con game rigged casino especially in the futures and options operations.
  2. Bowgett


    Did you get a margin call on your NFLX short today? :eek:
  3. fanews


    most people don't have money to short or long the stock

    100 shares is $24,000. there is no volume in the stock. it's mostly 100 shares traded.

    I'm just saying it's rigged to make money off the OTM options .

  4. Forget your meds today?
  5. Price moves up and down . You just don't know what you're doing. Anything can be temporarily manipulated by large players but who cares , figure out a way to profit and quit whining.
  6. olias


    I'm pretty sure fanews=bearice. He always forgets his meds
  7. hajimow


    I bet you did some calculations and tried to set a price on NFLX based on P/E and .... and traded based on that and it did not go as you predicted. Yes market is manipulated but then what? Can you use the manipulation to your advantage and make money?
  8. mckite123


    I would actually agree with this statement. I mean if you look at on average most firms are fundamental with a few only being technical trading firms. The returns for these funds is lower than the average for simply going to the S&P 500 and placing there money there.