NETeller Founders Arrested in London

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  1. Reading articles like this makes me think that the United States needs to get its ass kicked a few more times.

    By Pete Harrison

    LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. prosecutors have delivered a severe blow to online gambling companies that are flouting a U.S. ban on Internet gambling by arresting two founders of payment processor NETeller.

    Britain's NETeller closed its U.S. Internet gambling services on Thursday, wiping out over 65 percent of its business, after two of its founders were arrested there this week.

    NETeller is the latest target of a U.S. crackdown on online gaming, which began with the arrest of BETonSPORTS Chief Executive David Carruthers in Texas last July.

    NETeller's two founders, Canadians Stephen Lawrence, 46, and John Lefebvre, 55, have been charged with handling billions of dollars in illegal gambling proceeds. Both face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.
  2. Hmmm... this might explain why my latest cashout is missing. I was just about to call support and give them hell.

    On a side note, what a total crock of two-faced protectionist shit these charges truly are.
  3. Glad I cashed out in October. Too bad the US won't mind it's own business.
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    they will not let me get into my account...after waiting on the phone for quite some time i was told there was an error and to try again next week ( i called yesterday 1/18 )and they will relase my funds...fult tilt sent a note yesterday stating netteller will no longer be transfering cash...I told net teller they should have warned their clients via email and they really didnt know what to answer...when asked to speak to a manager the call was suddenly dropped... ive been bamboozeld
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    Those in power say it is to protect us and our children against the risk of things like gambling addiction. It is not about oil or big business or tax revenues. It is about the hand of justice reaching far and wide into any other sovereign terrotory which will submit to the American evangelical way. It is done to uphold the moral standards of all citizens. Making online poker illegal will help in the war on terror and promote democracy. If none of us has anything to hide we should offer up all accounts ever held with NETeller to prove non involvement in assistance of money laundering. God will truly Bless this Land of the free in whose name her people yeild to intrusive government controls.
  6. The coporate mob(aka, Vegas casinos) want the action and the federal mob(aka, our government) wants the tax revenue. Soon as they're through dismantling off shore gambling, the "mob" will take over, legalize on-line gambling, and all will be right in the world again.
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    why net teller and not like full tilt poker?.... dont get it...i know they facilitate the transaction but they are not the actual dealer
  8. The online ban has a specific exclusion, online securities trading as long as the securities are listed on an exchange. Maybe goldman, lehman, and citigroup are behind all the legislation.

  9. If anything, online poker has helped casino traffic. Poker rooms are opening up everywhere these days. Go to vegas, almost all casinos have poker rooms now.

    Why don't they just regulate and tax the damn thing? Poker players are more than willing to pay tax as long as they get to play.

    This is just absurd, especially in the land of the free. :mad:
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    As an American I grew up being taught that we were the only truly free nation in the world. now I know that this was just a load of crap. if big government can tell me how to spend my money.(meaning I can gamble in their casinos, but not online)I am just so frustrated. The world should know that the American people are not happy with our governments bullying tactics......on another note how can 2 canadians be arrested in the united kingdom for breaking an american law. did they break Canadian or English law?:(
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