NETBIOS Port 139 Problem

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  1. Hi all. Recent threads about PC security prompted me to download Sygate's Personal Firewall. Before and after installing it, I ran a scan on their site, and to my relief, the scan reported that all my ports, including my NETBIOS, are now "Blocked" and in "stealth" mode....

    BUT, I then went to the site and did a Shields UP! test, and it reported that all my ports were indeed in "stealth" mode EXCEPT for my NETBIOS (port 139), which it says is OPEN and not blocked!

    I think it's very strange that two different but highly regarded software security vendors would have different results on something so important as a NETBIOS test....

    So, my question is, how can I make darn sure my NETBIOS is indeed blocked?


    Thanks in advance!

    p.s. Does using firewall software slow down one's PC to the point that it affects trading? Is it better to have a hardware firewall than a software one?
  2. Install ZoneAlarm and run the "Shields Up !" again ...
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    I just downloaded the TWS standalone software and am running a charting program fed by eSignal. Will I have any problems running zonealarm? I read in the recent past about conflicts with IB and zonealarm (ZA) due to the Java (what ever that means) so I uninstalled ZA, (before installing TWS) but don't like running around naked and want the firewall back. Yesterday I checked and am still running "Stealth Mode", but want the firewall.

    Should I just install it and see what happens? What are the settings I should use on the firewall so TWS stays intact?

    Thanks from a point and click kinda guy.

    ps. Since going to realtime (IB and eSignal), I can't get into the ET chatroom, anyone have any answers to that one? I did a search on the site, as I remember something about this a few months back, but couldn't find anything.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm running ESignal and TWS behind ZoneAlarm. Works fine. Nothing special required.
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    Thanks Vivanka. Any thoughts on the ET chatroom problem?
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    Check your private messaging.

  7. IMHO there have never been problems reported with ZA and TWS.
    For MS Java stuff like ´chat´ you must disable Sun JavaPlugin for MS IE (see Control Panel).
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    thanks FX and BSAM, got it all working
  9. I've never had a problem with this. Am I lucky or does this just affect some users?
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    It first happened to me when I was playing with the TWS demo on the IB site. They use a Java plugin to enable the demo. It asks to enable just this time or all the time, I think I pressed the "all the time button" last week, and hence forth, locking me out of the chat room.
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