Netanyahu warns Israel will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon

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  1. Benjamin Netanyahu warns Israel will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon

    Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told thousands of Jewish community leaders gathered in New Orleans from around the country that Israel will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon, and stands ready to negotiate a meaningful peace, but only if it guarantees Israeli security.

    Appearing before most of the 4,000 delegates at a meeting of the Jewish Federations of North America, Netanyahu launched a broad defense of his administration's policies in the Middle East, with Iran at the center of Israel's threat radar.

    He did not touch on continuing apartment building in disputed East Jerusalem, carried on despite U.S. pleas for a halt because the U.S. believes it complicates the peace process.

    Netanyahu told the warmly sympathetic crowd that Israel depends on the American Jewish community to back its policies.

    However, his address was briefly interrupted five times by shouts from individuals protesting the Israeli occupation and Israel's domestic security policies. The protesters, from an organization called Jewish Voices for Peace, were quickly hustled out of the room by security guards.

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  2. Better start bombing soon then.

    WW3 is much more effective in revitalizing the economy than QE 1,2,3,4,...
  3. This screaming match has been going on forever. Next, Iran will threaten to wipe Israel off the map. Neither side is going to do anything except blow hot air.

  4. This is a another result of George W Bush.Saddam kept Iran in check.Saddam would have invaded Iran long before they had gotten this far and the war would have been mostly between those 2 countries

    With Saddam gone and The US tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan Iran was free to start making nukes.If a war starts it might lead to WW3

    Thanks Dubya !!!!!!
  5. But that's what we want.:confused: :D
  6. Or else my big brother will whack you...

    ....Nana nana boo boo....

  7. Ricter


    Lol, big surprise there.

    "Waaaah! stop building, israel! Waaaah! Oh, what? yes, of course we have it, here's your $50 billion. We're good? Cool. Waaaaah!"
  8. You don't think Iran should have nuclear weapons, do you?
  9. Why should Israel quit building? They need housing.. They also need to take back Gaza now since Hamas broke the peace agreement which the Gaza withdrawal was predicated upon by showering israel with 5k rockets... they could then build more housing there, and gaza wouldn't be such a shit hole. Hamas hasn't done shit with gaza despite being the largest recipient of foreign aid in the world... Give it to Israel and it will look like tel aviv within 5 years...

    It's so funny to see all these antisemitic moon bats whine about Israel, when Israel is the closest thing to a working model of socialism in the world...
  10. Good, then when republicans find a pretext for war with Iran at the pleasure of AIPAC then Yahoo can send in the wall bobbers to fight and pay for it.
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