Netanyahu Draws Picture For Obama, U.N.

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    Realizing the world and Obama are not serious about stopping the Iranian nuclear weapon ambition, Israel's Netanyahu draws a picture even brainless leaders might understand.

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    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a dramatic speech to the United Nations, employed a simple diagram to hammer home his plea that the international community set a "clear red line" over Iran's nuclear program -- warning that a nuclear-armed Iran would be tantamount to a nuclear-armed Al Qaeda.

    Netanyahu claimed Thursday that Iran would have enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear bomb by next summer. His remarks before the U.N. General Assembly amounted to an appeal to the U.S. and other nations to join Israel in drawing a line that Iran cannot cross without risking a military response.

    Netanyahu argued that nothing less than the "security of the world" is at stake.

    "The red line must be drawn on Iran's nuclear enrichment program," Netanyahu said. "I believe that faced with a clear red line, Iran will back down."

    The prime minister displayed a "diagram" showing a crudely drawn sketch of a bomb, divided into sections representing the three stages of uranium enrichment. Using a marker, Netanyahu drew a red line before the end of the second stage.
  2. The red color reminds me the blood of palestian innocent babies murdered in their sleep.
  3. Iran isn't going to back down. That means sometime within the next year or so somebody has a tough decesion to make, and it's not whether or not to bomb Iran. That's the easy part. Anybody can do that. What happens afterward? Anybody got a plan for what's coming after the bombs drop? Somebody think radical Islam is just going to roll over and quit? No, they're going to lose their fucking minds. What happens when we get hit time and again right here at home? Who/where do we attack in retaliation? A very small group of determined individuals who don't give a shit whether they live or die can do some serious damage to this country and I'm not talking about some chicken shit plane flying into a building. 9/11 was nothing. Yeah I said it, nothing compared to what's coming. Give me a dozen people who don't give a fuck and I can bring this country to it's knee's in a weekend. Somebody best put some thought into this, cause it's coming.
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    Maybe, as others have mentioned, you don't take out the nuclear facilities, you cut off the head of the snake and let the Iranian people gain control.


    Jewish Voters Favor Obama Over Romney By A Huge Margin
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    Jewish voters support for Obama craters...

    Jewish voter support for Obama is down by 15%.
  8. Wow, I had no idea nuclear bombs had a fuse like that. I can see it now, Ahmedinadadad pulls out the bic light lighter. click click, dammit bitch, where's my effing zippo!
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    What's that got to do with Iranian nukes and Netanyahu at the UN?
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