net short usd

Discussion in 'Forex' started by oldtime, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. so far so good

    not sure how long I will stay with this one

    trading the chop

    so that makes me long everything (except chf)

    long aud.usd
    long eur.usd
    long gbp.usd
    long usd.cad
    long usd.jpy

    that dollar is hard to read

    I think it is going down


    I could switch sides at any moment

    don't like any longterm commitments in here

    I'd just as soon be flat, but can't try to make any money that way, but if you are I respect you.
  2. dave5578



    What do you prefer about forex instead of say the 6E?

    Thanks for your posts, and for the record, I respect you and your time.

  3. to be honest with you, I like forex because it is all new to me and I don't yet have any bad memories about it.

    don't forget 99.99% of what I post on the internet is just bullshit

    The number 1 reason I post is because I just flat out get lonely

    I don't mind helping out someone if they are going through something I have already been through

    it was a good night on this position

    for the first time, I actually have some profit targets set

    I'm trading a trend system in my paper account and it is just getting devestated

    fortunately, I correctly predicted that this was a good time to trade the chop, and I'm quite comfortable with that until something changes

    the good thing about 6e is there is no question about the tax treatment

    I started trading forex in a paper account and just seemed to be consistently making money, so I stuck with it

    I like it because I can micro adjust size
  4. speaking of which my gbp target just got hit at 6044

    so now I'm flat in that pair

    now what am I going to do?

    still have a limit in to buy if it goes lower

    maybe go short if it goes higher?
  5. so all that leaves me with is

    long eur.usd
    long usd.jpy

    whcih at 1:1

    makes me long eur.jpy

    so much for being short the dollar

    man, when you're trading the trend the chop looks so easy

    when you're trading the chop it's about darn near impossible to figure out

    I don't see anything out there that I want to short the dollar against

    so I guess I'll just sit here with my little position and hope eur.jpy goes up
  6. I'm really getting commited to this short usd

    hard to sell it down here when it's already down a million bazzililon percent from it's all time high

    for crying out loud, I'm just chop trading

    hard to get long that AUD/USD when they need it to go down so bad

    I traded that ES for so many years

    Life would have gone so much better for me if I only traded it from the short side

    I don't know, I can't make a case for a long dollar, can you?
  7. otherwise, it was a good day

    took a large profit in the AUD.usd

    took a medium profit in the usd.jpy

    and a small loss in the usd.cad

    so that leaves me long eur.usd at 2976

    not sure what I will do with that, I've lost all interest in adding to a winner or a loser

    I think I'll just let it run, it's small enough that it isn't going to make much difference one way or the other

    Last time I got committed, it took me 31 years of my life, half my house and half of my trading account

    You don't have to marry it, but I'm not so sure this wouldn't be a good time to flirt around with a short usd

    You'd be surprised how much you can make getting in exactly wrong at exactly the wrong time if you pay attention to trading.